Access to art, culture, memory and identity

Art is our collective, supportive and generative language. We live in a beaten country, but despite its great injuries it has not stopped creating, that is why its art is a postulate of life, thought and resistance, because that is where our memory and our possible paths to the future have been protected. All the previously described programs are united by the cultural program, which defines and sustains our entire collective vision, based on our mother culture – the Mayan culture – and on all forms of resistance and continuity of thought that has been maintained throughout 500 years. The social anthropologist Roney Alvarado Gamarro is in charge of cultural competence, in which we unite all our projects, from food to books, from education to ways to heal our land, without sharp classifications, because we are convinced that each One of the actions worked from the community seeks with strength and hope the memory, the dignity and the future of this land crossed by 32 Volcanoes.

Generation of educational material, workshops, illustration and community language.

This pivot is the basis of our work, because without cultural relevance, the strengthening of identity and the creation of art as expression and community communication, none of our programs would be possible.


Therefore, in collaboration with local artists and groups, we created a network that transforms knowledge into art, into scrolls, into seeds of thought. For this we elaborate different materials that start from ancestral knowledge, innovation and social research, from community thought. We bring this to childhood and non-traditional education of the beneficiaries, who are all of us.

Santiaguito Bookstore, and Catafixia Editorial

Part of the communication through art is in charge of Catafixia Editorial, whose editors are founders of 32 Volcanes. Within our facilities they opened the Santiaguito bookstore. They are part of the collaborative fusion for the creation of matter that puts memory, art and language at the center over time.

We also work on the formation of the library “Mario 
Payeras “, which begins with the donation of the personal library of the author made by Yolanda Colom, and to which other Guatemalan authors, in order to found a space for easy access to knowledge in book form.

Visual art

In this area we work on the transformation of knowledge for its communication. It is a pivot that begins its digital market in PATREON, and SEEDS, in order to value thought, art and illustrative visual language for education, spirituality and a resilient community with art.


32 Volcanes is a regenerative community center, and with this we offer our facilities for cultural and artistic events, such as poetry festivals, readings, book presentations, art exhibition and gallery. Also offering nutritious, local food for our self-sustainability, and the approach of the community to community sovereignty through art.