Regenerative and comprehensive health

Child-family nutrition program

Since 2013, the program has been aimed at babies between 6 months and 5-year-old children who suffer from some type of malnutrition, since more than 50% of children in Guatemala do not have sufficient access to the food they need to develop. In a holistic way, the program promotes spiritual and physical well-being.


The program includes:

  • Record, height and weight
  • Pediatric consultation and medication if necessary.
  • Reference system.
  • Educational Activity (breastfeeding, ablactation, innocuousness, etc.)
  • Refurbishment 
  • Cooking Club
  • Timely stimulation with music
  • Delivering of regenerative food to children’s families
  • Local nutritional recovery formulas
  • Home gardens / seeds / monitoring
  • Strengthening identity and leadership for women
  • Research

Infants in current program: 357
Infants who have graduated from the program: 1,085

Program for the elderly and chronic patient

After the green revolution, our food systems have been transculturalized, this meant not only the commercialization of sacred food, but also its modification and appropriation, to the point that to maximize its production it has been contaminated with agrochemicals, without respect for animal life or food land. This has caused chaos in public health, and we see it clearly in the epidemic of food insecurity and child hunger, which has long-term consequences when in adulthood chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, kidney failure are suffered, among others. For this reason, the program for chronically ill patients is being worked on in an integrated way with the nutrition program, with the aim of strengthening people who suffer from these diseases, understanding their origin and the paths to recovery through a change in consumption and style of eating. We do it as follows:



  • Medical control and nutritional control
  • Regenerative food and cooking club
  • Regenerative agriculture workshops
  • Food sovereignty workshops
  • Group therapy and spiritual support
  • Community participation and organization
  • Strengthening identity through cultural relevance
  • Physical activity
  • Medicine delivery
  • Seed delivery
  • Evaluation and monitoring

Our goal is that patients are happy individuals, and that they seek the regeneration of their body, spirit and planetary consciousness of its consumption.

Comprehensive and family care clinic

Our comprehensive care clinic (based in Xela and also mobile that reaches the communities on a recurring basis), seeks well-being of the patients it cares for, with a comprehensive approach to health, which includes nutritional, mental and physical activity; Low-cost consultation and diagnostic sessions are given to continue monitoring and referral services are scheduled in necessary cases.


The clinic gives social prices that cover care consultations primary, specialized, and drug facilitation in cases necessary, as well as laboratories and references.

The beneficiary families of the programs have free access to this service and alternative education workshops. This service is given at the headquarters of 32 Volcanes and at mobile clinics community.