Regenerative and comprehensive health

Our objective is to deliver a high quality assistance to communities by a diverse and holistic program for the betterment of communities’ welfare and life quality. We identify the social illness that causes personal illness and by knowing this we look for alternatives to improve living conditions.


Through socio-anthropological analysis of history, politics, economics and our culture’s woldview for volunteers, collaborators and local workers, education is the gathering and reconciliation point with our past, the recognition of our cultural identities as doctrines that guide our commitment to memory, dignity and future.


The environment is not an issue, it is the totality of life to which we belong, we are one more among plants, birds, rivers. Taking care of the environment is taking care of ourselves, it is making a community with the cosmos. That is why our relationship with the environment begins with our name: 32 Volcanes, and is intertwined with each project we develop, reflecting from an ethical-ecological perspective health, education and nutrition.


We are sure that community projects that have to do with the body, environment, history, education and hope need to be and are complemented in art. We live in a beaten country, but despite its great injuries it has not stopped creating, that is why its art is a postulate of life, thought and resistance, because that is where our memory and our possible paths to the future have been protected.