32 Volcanes

Memory, dignity and future

Frecuently asked questions

We need collaborations and empathy on the part of all the people who are in a position to help in the work of dignifying and regenerating community life in Guatemala.

You can collaborate with the digital collection of our crowdfunding: Creating Community GoFundme: This account helps us to attend new cases of families at risk, and community strengthening through the Preliminary Food Sovereignty Plan and Circular Economy through Agroecology.

They can also do it to the account of our collectors and partners in the United States who only work in our programs: Foundation Todos Juntos. By clicking on the donate button, you can choose the program to which you want to contribute. The needs right now are increased in: Nutrition Program, Environment, 32 Volcanoes (for community and urban gardens), or Family Support Center. All with the purpose of strengthening the community and families at risk and affected by the crisis.

Send your deposit’s voucher by WhatsApp, or through our social media to be able to send your barters.
Bank details: Association 32 Volcanes BI Monetaria: 233-009665-8
PayPal: caralbe88@gmail.com

We help fostering local consumption and food sovereignty to reduce dependence on foreign products and chemical pollution. Furthermore, we contribute to improve nutrition, education and life quality to people who conform and strengthen local communities.